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The future vision of The HARP Foundation exists on numerous levels. From a clinical standpoint, our goal is to broaden the scope of approved facilities within our treatment services network. Some of the many key aspects we will be actively expanding on will include the following:

  • Medical detox services
  • More cost effective residential treatment options
  • An expanded network of intensive outpatient treatment providers
  • Independent services providers with specialties most applicable to the demographic we work with
  • A strong, diverse aftercare, sober living/recovery housing and alumni network
  • Fostering strong relations with those in recovery within the professional music & recording industries

Being that the HARP Foundation’s mission is one of broad and ever-expanding focus, and given the nature of addiction and its tremendously high recidivism rate, it isn’t enough to provide initial treatment services only to be followed by swift abandonment. For the sake of achieving long term success in sobriety, it is critical that we as a group of treatment specialists be there for the individual as they transition from a life of active addiction, into one of independence and ultimately, success in recovery. As such, the HARP Vision will always remain fluid as per whatever best suits the individual and their long term recovery plan.

Please help us in furthering the cause and saving the life of one more sufferer with a tax-deductible gift of your choosing

 As a non-profit organization, we will continually remain vigilant in how funds are spent and monitored. We will consistently strive to walk the fine line that balances “cost effective” with “”most effective.” And while nothing remains as important to us as creating lasting change possibilities in the lives of those we help, secondarily is ensuring that integrity remains foremost within the hearts and minds of those who support our hard work….

We sincerely thank each and every one of our supporters and we remain very excited to continuously report back the many stories of untold successes! Please click here to contribute and feel free to contact HARP at any time by emailing us at: info@harptreatment.com.