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HARP – The Hope and Recovery Place – is the culmination of several individuals who have worked in both, the fields of addiction treatment as well as the music arts. They have experienced firsthand a number of realities inherent to musicians, those being:

  • Musicians are often times more susceptible to addiction and alcoholism due to the scope of their work and the people they affiliate with
  • More often than not, they tend not to have health insurance and/or the financial means to pay for an effective course of treatment. Those having “hit it big” accounts for 1% at the very most, of whom obviously have the resources and thus do not need our help.
  • Like any other addict or alcoholic, artists find themselves in full-blown addiction through seemingly innocent dabbling over the course of months or years, and just like anyone else become completely debilitated by it.
  • Due to their often enhanced ability to remain in touch with deeper feelings and emotions, artists seem to persevere more so than others, in many cases, throughout the treatment process.
  • From our experience, musicians having gone through treatment and remaining active in their sobriety, quite often reach tremendous new heights in their work within a relatively short time span.

To see the pain and sorrow these individuals face each day, coupled with their inability to fund their own treatment, is a heartbreaking experience. They commit themselves to a life that ensures we as the public are afforded beautiful new sounds that raise us to new emotional heights. They steadfastly follow their passion, knowing full well that most do not succeed in this industry, but the residual affect is that their individual pursuit is what helps further propel all musicians to reach higher and perform better. Just because an artist doesn’t reach world acclaim doesn’t mean that they themselves have not contributed to the overall scope of the music world.

The HARP Foundation remains committed to this particular industry because it is where our own passions lie. Other foundations focus their sights elsewhere, largely because that is where their passions lie. For us however, we love music and we love helping others recover from drug addiction; it is a combination in giving that feeds our hearts and our souls!

Please help us in furthering the cause and saving the life of one more sufferer with a tax-deductible gift of your choosing

We ask you to join us in this endeavor, we can’t do it without you…however big or small your contribution is doesn’t matter, we will accept it with humility and the utmost in gratitude. For more information on The HARP Foundation please read more throughout this site or feel free to reach us at info@harpgives.org