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Since The HARP Foundation relies 100% on private donations, we place great focus on how funds are allocated. It is our ongoing goal to ensure that 91% of all donations actually reach the end cause. We understand that all charitable organizations operate with some level of overhead, and we aspire to operate in such a way that equals or exceeds that of what is considered to be “optimal efficiency.”

In helping struggling musicians with overcoming all matters relating to drug addiction and alcoholism, our purpose is ultimately to provide them with the most effective avenues of recovery. These consist of:

  • Medical detox (if needed)
  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Sober living & transitional care services
  • Ongoing support & therapy (as needed)

In providing the array of treatment services shown above, we partner with several facilities and independent professionals in and around the Los Angeles, CA region. With respect to residential treatment providers, we like to utilize those which offer rehabilitation with an added focus toward those working in the arts. In some cases, the treatment centers even provide professional grade recording studios as a means for integrating the recovery process into their day to day lifestyles.

Please help us in furthering the cause and saving the life of one more sufferer with a tax-deductible gift of your choosing

One area we feel it important to touch upon is that of comforts and luxuries. While Southern California has built quite a reputation for providing an array of luxury rehab spots, let us assure you that these elements are in no way a priority for The HARP Foundation. We do absolutely agree that comforts and amenities can play an integral role in one’s treatment process, however, it in no way should take a priority position above that of clinical or clinically-related services. Long-term success in recovery is the ultimate goal, and many years of experience shows that luxurious treatment is not a weighted variable in this process.

The HARP Foundation helps musicians struggling with all facets of substance abuse and/or dual-diagnosis matters. Many in today’s society, much like the growing nationwide epidemic, find themselves caught in the grips of pain pill and opiate abuse, which many times is the end result of a prior painful surgery of some type. In other cases they’ve fallen due to a general prevalence for drug and alcohol abuse within their industry. And while some musicians do just fine in that type of surrounding, others simply are not immune to the propensity for addiction while in those surroundings.

We hope you will join us in this cause because we cannot do it without your help. However big or small your contribution may be, it all helps! For further questions and information on The HARP Foundation please contact us at info@harptreatment.com.