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Can I designate where or for what my donation will be used for?

The HARP Foundation would love to offer an ability to designate funds toward specified purposes. Given that what we do is often determined on a needs based factor, it is unfortunately not possible to enable donors to designate that which their contributions may be used for. However, as we grow and develop a broader set of standardized recovery and treatment services, we will be able to offer funding designations for our donors.

How much of my donation actually reaches its intended purpose?

It is our ongoing goal to ensure that anywhere from 91 to 93 percent of all monetary donations reach the recipient in the form of any number of clinical and/or ancillary services.

Can I write off a monetary donation on my taxes?

Absolutely! The HARP Foundation is a registered charitable organization with the IRS and will happily provide a 501(c)3 number upon any contribution being made, no matter its size.

Is there a way for donors to follow up and see their contributions at work?

Yes. All donors will automatically have their email addresses added (unless they opt out) to our monthly newsletter blast. This newsletter will entail a number of unique elements including, letters of gratitude from recipients, stories of personal & group triumphs, new staff, facility and service provider inclusions into the HARP network, announcements, upcoming events and much more!

Who is eligible to receive assistance through the HARP Foundation?

While there are many similar organizations out there, each with its own area of focus, HARP’s focus lies specifically within the realm of professional or highly skilled amateur musicians. In most cases these individuals are considered to be talented by industry standards, and have simply been caught up in the grips of addiction or alcoholism prior to reaching a level of success that would otherwise equip them with the financial resources required to pay for treatment.

For more information please contact us at info@harpgives.org